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If water were beauty, you'd be the ocean
No matter how many seasons pass and how many years go by
I hope that we won't meet like today again

For a moment, it felt real.  They were gazing each other, but he knew the song was coming to an end.  She started smiling after their last note together.  He couldn't help but smile back as they turned to face the screaming audience.  Usually by now, he would hold her hand or give her a hug for fan service, but couldn't bring himself to do it this time around.  He stole a glance and smiled sweetly when he saw how embarrassed she looked.  Apparently, the fans had started shouting, "Get married!" He felt his heart beat faster...faster...and...faster.

Then, the lights went out.

Backstage, she patted him on the shoulder.
"Good job with the eye contact.  I think you may have convinced the fans that you're actually in love with me."  She laughed it off.
But I am.

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